Best Balance Bikes Review

As a parent, it is essential that you teach your kids the necessary skills in life, and among them is riding a bike. There is a joy that lies in seeing your kids pedal their first bike without assistance. But this is a process that requires patience. There are special bikes in the market designed for toddlers and young kids. These bikes will help them nurture their skills from the beginning to a pro-level. This guide reviews the top four best balance bikes that your toddler will find useful. These bikes will help your young ones master the basics of biking. They are the best in the market.

Best Balance Bikes Review

Yvolution Y Velo Junior

Topping on our list is the Yvolution Y Velo Junior bike. This bike is definitely for cool kids who want to stand out from the rest and are looking to begin their career on riding bikes. Its center of gravity is way low than other models in the market, and so balancing with it is much more comfortable. Also, it comprises of an adjustable seat that allows your child to grow with the bike. Children tend to get attached to their first bikes, and who said that you couldn’t own a bike till your old enough? This bike proves that point.

Another feature that makes it stand out from the rest is its air-filled tires. They might not be puncture-proof, but they’re definitely more comfortable and provide a smoother ride. That’s not all; this bike comes with a ball bearing headsets, which makes steering simpler. Its handlebars have a chrome finish, giving them a fashionable look.

The footrests of this bike are strategically placed to aid the kid to put their feet naturally for coasting. This enables a smooth transition into the pedaling world. Whatever the style your kid loves, Yvolution Y Velo Junior is here to help. Also, it is durable and easy to use, and to prove this; it has a lifetime warranty plastered on it. Moreover, it comes when pre-assembled for easier use. Lastly, the bike is available in 11 different colors.


  • Durable and long-lasting
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Comes when pre-assembled
  • Available in multiple color options
  • Strategically positioned footrests


  • Its seat isn’t durable
  • Slightly heavy

Banana Bike LT – Lightweight Balance Bike for Kids

Banana Bike has justly earned a spot in our best balance bikes thanks to their kids-friendly bikes. LT is an excellent example of this. The pedal-less bike comes in a new and better model upgraded with stronger metal, better bearings, high seat brackets, and comfortable seating. This new model is undoubtedly an improvement of its predecessors.

This bike is made in a unique banana design, which makes it easier for kids to mount it. Moreover, its seat’s height is made as low as 12 inches making it suitable for kids aged 18 months and above. That’s not all; the bike is also constructed super lightweight. It weighs a mere 10 pounds and will be accessible on the kids. It is also simple to ride as compared to tricycles and scooters.

Coming to its tires, they are made with a puncture foam, so the problem of blowouts is a thing of the past. Assembling them is also easier and quicker so that the little champs can ride the bike in no time. This bike comes in three different colors, all of which are eye-catching. The price attached to it is very affordable, making them one of the best value choices in the current market.


  • Very affordable
  • Easy and quick to assemble
  • Very lightweight
  • Seats and handlebars are adjustable


  • Non-rubber tires don’t provide a firm grip

YBIKE Evolve Ride-On Balance Bike

Second, on the list is the YBIKE Evolve Ride-on Balance Bike. We fell in love with this lightweight and cute bike and decided to include it on our list for good reasons. First of the many being that is very lightweight and suitable for use toddlers. The bike is designed for use for kids between 18 months and four years. This should be your kid’s first bike as they grow to polish their riding skills to the top-notch level.

This bike is constructed using rustproof aluminum. This does not only makes it durable but also makes it withstand corrosion. Kids can be clumsy, and leave the bike outside when raining or even in water places- don’t worry, there is no problem as long as it is YBIKE Evolve Ride-On Balance Bike.

This bike’s seat is wide and shallow, making it easy and fun to ride. Its center of gravity is low, and the kids won’t have a difficult time using it. Its tires are rubber and puncture-proof. They combine comfort and grip to give the cyclist a very smooth ride. It comes with a lifetime warranty to show users how durable the bike is.


  • Lifetime warranty
  • Easy to handle
  • Low center of gravity
  • Puncture-proof tires


  • Slightly expensive

Glide Bikes Kid’s Go Glider Balance Bike

Glide Bikes Kid’s Go Glider Balance Bike is a perfect option for slightly older kids. Its design is unique and almost resembles regular bikes, thanks to the presence of the footrest, which is positioned at the place where the pedal would be on models meant for grown-ups. What’s even better is that the pegs are removable and can be returned to their position whenever the cyclist feels like it.

The seat and handlebars of this bike are adjustable to accommodate the kids as they grow. With this, the bike comfortably suits kids aged between five and seven years. The hand brakes of this bike are fully operational, unlike those made for younger riders. The advantage that comes with this is that they give your kids the confidence they require to take their skills to a top-notch level.

The manufacturers of this bike made it using steel alloy but also lightweight, a subtle art that not many people have mastered. It has been made durable to pass the test of time and withstand the hardest of beatings. The tires come with Mag wheels, which make them compatible with all terrains. The bike is available in six different bright and appealing colors.


  • Lightweight
  • Durable and long-lasting
  • Tires and mag wheels are all-terrain
  • Available in multiple colors


  • Comes at a high price
  • Unsuitable for younger riders


All these bikes have been designed to teach your young ones all they need to know about learning how to ride a bike. Moreover, they will provide them with the required balance. The seats and handlebars are adjustable to ensure that they serve your kid for a long time. Learning how to ride a bike is fun, and these bikes here will ensure that is the case with your kids too.