Best Cheap Electric Bikes Review

Riding a bike to work or school is a good way of avoiding the daily traffic, not to mention that it’s a great physical exercise for your body. Electric bikes are even better as they emit zero carbon to the atmosphere, making them super environmental-friendly. With more and more vehicles on our roads each passing day, many people are opting to turn to electric bikes for commuting.

There is an array of options in the market, and it is essential that you settle for nothing short of the best, if you’re looking for exceptional performance. If you aren’t sure of which electric bike to go for, worry less. That is why we’re here. We have gone out of our way to research and present to you the top four best electric bikes that the current market has to offer. Nothing could beat these e-bikes.

Best Cheap Electric Bikes Review

ANCHEER Foldaway Electric Bike

If you’re in search of a cool, trendy electric bike that will make you stand out from the crowd, then your search has come to an end. Presenting the ANCHEER Foldaway Electric Bike. What you’re settling for with this beauty is a blend of power, toughness, mileage, and speed. And if that isn’t enough, this bike offers you the smoothest of rides regardless of the terrain used.

A lot is in store with this electric bike. For starters, its design is grand. Designed using an aluminum alloy, this bike has been constructed strong and durable enough to take the hardest of knocks and beatings. The tires come with a double layer of aluminum alloy in a bid to maximize the grip for an adequate balance. Moreover, the bike is durable and will be sure to last you a couple of years.

Three different riding modes are offered with this bike, meaning that you can ride it like a standard one. The presence of the motor further eases the work for you. Its brushless hub motor produces 250 watts of power. Its battery is sufficiently reliable and will last between four and six hours before recharging. There’s nothing more that we could possibly ask from this bike. It is a perfect five.


  • Three riding modes
  • High speed
  • A 250-watts brushless hub motor
  • Strong and durable


  • Assembling the parts is slightly tough

Elby Bike 9-Speed Electric Bike

This electric bike incorporates practical touches and intuitive controls that make it one of the best in the industry. Its sleek, modern design gives it the appearance of a mountain bike. You will fall in love with it right from the word go!

The performance provided by this bike is exceptional, thanks to its 500 watts electric motor, double that of the ANCHEER Foldaway. Its battery is no difference from this also. Its motor has a regenerative braking system that recharges the battery as the handlebars are in use. Its battery has five cells and is mounted at the center of the frame. Moreover, it requires only five hours to charge fully.

Elby Bike 9 comes with a top speed of 20mph. It is quiet and comfortable, and you will love every second that you spend riding this bike. The last thing worth mentioning is that the bike comes with its smartphone app tailored for an exceptional experience. Within this app is every piece of information regarding the bike- from its speed and level of assistance to the battery consumption and distance traveled. This puts it on top of the game.


  • Offers a smooth and comfortable ride
  • Smartphone app
  • Powerful motor


  • Adjusting the seat to the desired height is difficult

ECOTRIC Fat Tire Electric Bike Beach Snow Bicycle

This is unarguably one of the best fat tire electric bikes that money can get you. Its braking system is outrageous to provide you with sufficient force to halt abruptly when need be. Its first feature worth mentioning is its removable battery. It encompasses a lithium battery, 36 volts. This power is enough to take you through 25 miles non-stop. This, thus, makes this bike ideal for long-distance travel.

For the motor, the bike is furnished using a 500-watt robust brushless hub rear motor, driving the bike at a top speed of 23 mph. This speed will see you climb through huge mountains and hills effortlessly. Another great thing about this bike is that, unlike other e-bikes in the market, assembling this one is no difficult task. It comes when 90% pre-assembled upon purchase, and you’re only left with the final 10%. This is quite thoughtful of the manufacturers.

Its design is sporty and fashionable. It has a matte black finish that is appealing to the eyes. You will love it right from when you set your eyes on it. We would, however, have to deduct a point from this bike courtesy of its weight. Weighing at 55 pounds, this bike is quite heavier than its counterparts. Nonetheless, it isn’t foldable. If you are short or have painful joints, you will struggle to ride this piece.


  • Easy to assemble
  • Sporty and fashionable design
  • Ideal for long-distance travels


  • Relatively heavy

NAKTO Electric Cruiser Bicycle

Last but not least is the NAKTO Electric Cruiser Bicycle. This bike isn’t necessarily for sports professionals, but ideally, anyone who wants to have fun riding a bike. One thing worth mentioning, however, is that it is best suited for flat terrains and wouldn’t work best on high hills and steep mountains. The bike comes in two modes, e-bike mode, and pedal-assist mode. Just as their names suggest, the e-bike is for activating the motor, while pedal-assist is used in physical pedaling.

This bike is beautiful, and a significant attribute to this is its excellent framing design. It is lower to the ground and makes it easy for short people to mount on it. It is a cool and fun bike, and you will love every moment that you spend riding it.


  • Low to the ground and easy to mount
  • Cool and fun
  • Its framing design is nice


  • Unsuitable for steep terrains


Riding is fun, and these bikes are going to make the experience even more fun. They have been designed to give you a fantastic riding experience, and that is precisely what they provide. Moreover, they are affordable, and you won’t have to break your bank to own them, at least not for now.